How to find a village in Minecraft

You’re a Minecraft fan, but you’re wondering about some things? We’ll try to answer you in this FAQ. Whether you’re new to Minecraft or you’re just starting out, you’ve already asked yourself these questions :

Where can I find a village in these wild and vast biomes ? Where can these merchants, farmers, villagers, and other buildings be hidden in Minecraft ? There are several methods, relatively easy.

Methods to find a village in Minecraft

Different ways to find a village on Minecraft :

  1. Take a walk. Know that there is a simple method that requires a bit of patience: take a walk!

    Take a walk. Know that there is a simple method that requires a bit of patience: take a walk!

    Indeed, in this marvellous “sandbox” game, you will have to walk and observe! And mathematically, you will inevitably end up running into a villager wandering happily in the streets that will have formed around a few buildings forming a small village!

  2. Use a “seed”.

    Use a "seed".

    You’re not the patient type and you want to find this cursed village right away? Nothing could be simpler, the “seed” is there for you! A seed is a small text that generates a world. You just have to start a game using a seed that places you near a village! Note that the seeds vary depending on your game support. So, whether you play on PC, console or PE version, you’ll have to adapt: do a search on the web by specifying your version of Minecraft and that’s it!

  3. Fly! (only in creative mode)

    Fly! (only in creative mode)

    Flying (in creative mode) allows you to rake biomes in record time, so it’s faster to find a village.

  4. Activate the large biomes.

    Activate the large biomes.

    If you start a game in survival or creative mode and generate a large biome, the chances of meeting villagers in the middle of their village will be increased tenfold. (Note that it is imperative to activate the “generate structures” function).

  5. Use localization tools.

    Use localization tools.

    Many fans and developers have developed localization programs (such as AMIDST for example), so all you have to do is copy the coordinates and get there! It should be pointed out that these are not the only things that Minecraft users agree on, as the accuracy of these programs is only 50-70%.

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