Minecraft Camel: everything we know about this creature

Camels in Minecraft are animals that are most often found in desert biomes. They can be ridden like horses, but because of their size, two players can ride the same camel, one on each side of its hump.

The camel is expected to arrive in Minecraft 1.20 and was announced at Minecraft Live in 2022.

The camel in Minecraft

Thanks to its much greater height than other mobs, most hostile creatures won’t be able to get to you when you’re on a camel, but that doesn’t mean your camel can’t be hurt itself. Camels also have an ability called Dash, which you can activate whenever you want. This allows the camel to move faster over a short distance, which is useful for covering long distances faster or crossing dangerous waterfalls and ravines.

minecraft camel
Minecraft camel

You can raise baby camels by feeding adult camels with a cactus, which means it will be easy to do this in a desert biome, while adding an extra use for the Cactus block.

Where to find a camel in Minecraft?

Camels are likely to appear in deserts, badlands, or both, as these are sandy, desert biomes.

How to tame and raise camels in Minecraft?

You will need to use cactus to tame camels, breed them and have baby camels.

How to use the dash with camels in Minecraft?

They may not be as fast as a horse, but if you move a camel through an open space, you’ll pick up speed, double click the forward button to get your camel to use its dash skill. Your camel will easily cross a ravine or a river, but you should always be careful of large cave openings or steep cliffs.

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