Sniffer Minecraft : everything we know about this creature

The Minecraft sniffer is described as an ancient creature that originated from sniffer eggs, which can be found in the chests of underwater ruins. Bring the egg back to land and wait for the egg to slowly hatch and you will end up with a brand new sniffer.

sniffer minecraft
A sniffer in Minecraft

Once hatched, the sniffer can find ancient seeds, which can be used to grow new types of plants, which will also come with the sniffer. The sniffer won the 2022 mob vote and is expected to be added in the 1.20 update.

All about the Minecraft sniffer

From what we can see in the video, Minecraft’s sniffer is a hairy – or perhaps mossy – prehistoric creature. The creature’s story tells us that it has been extinct for some time, but if we vote for it, we might start finding mysterious eggs hidden in underwater ruin chests, which can be carefully nursed and hatched, bringing these extinct creatures back into the normal world.

Once back in Minecraft’s many biomes, sniffers will do exactly what their name suggests. When they sniff, the flowers drop seeds. This is a brand new mechanic because, for now, Minecraft flowers only drop their own seeds. With the seeds, we might have the chance to grow those flowers that we currently can’t. In the reveal video, Tiny Agnes hints that the Sniffer could also bring in new flora, perhaps an ancient plant similar to that of her time.

sniffer minecraft mob vote
The sniffer that won the 2022 mob vote against the rascal and the tuff golem

What does the sniffer do in Minecraft ?

The sniffer will walk around and sniff seeds on the ground. Plant the seeds to get new decorative plants, or collect them all in a chest.

When will the sniffer be added to Minecraft ?

The sniffer will be added to Minecraft in the 1.20 update, which is expected to arrive in spring 2023.

Where can I find sniffers ?

Sniffers can be brought back to life by hatching a sniffer egg.

Where can I find a sniffer egg ?

Sniffer eggs can be found via the archaeology system by brushing off suspicious sand.

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