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Ice and Fire is a mod created by Raptorfarian and Alexthe666, which hopes to offer you a real experience in a world full of dragons, but not only! There are also a multitude of other friendly and hostile creatures.

Currently, dragons have two types, Ice and Fire. Fire dragons breathe fire (surprise ?) and roam most of the habitable world, while ice dragons inhabit the coldest places known to man and freeze their prey to death.

Game experience

Ice and Fire is a mod that aims to bring you a revolutionary dragon experience. Here are the main things you can find or do :

  • Dragon skeletons : can be found in the desert biomes and can be used to collect some bones
  • Dragon haunts and caves : where you can fight dragons and find great treasures
  • Dragon eggs : which can be found in dragon caves and allow you to breed the dragon that will come out of them
  • Tame and ride dragons : ride your tamed dragons and equip them with armor
  • Dragon Gear : Create tools and weapons from dragon bones and armor from dragon scales
  • Browse and feed the bestiary : collect and learn information about dragons


Hostile creatures

Fire Dragon

A ruthless winged reptile that travels far and wide to raze villages with its fiery breath.

Fire dragons are one of two species of dragons that roam the world. They are best known for their ability to breathe fire and fly long distances. Fire dragons have seven basic attacks, all of which can easily decimate a player. They progress through five stages of development, where they become bigger, stronger and more terrifying.

Ice Dragon

The fire dragon’s wintry, amphibious cousin that exhales a chilling wind from its mouth.

Ice dragons are the second most common species of dragons that roam the world. They are known for their ability to spew a chilling wind. They are adept at earth, air and water. Like fire dragons, ice dragons have several fearsome attacks that can end a player’s game in seconds. They also progress through five stages of development, where they become bigger, stronger and more terrifying.


A twisted, repulsive monstrosity that can turn any living thing to stone in a glance.
gorgon mod minecraft

gorgon mod minecraft


An irritable giant who raises a flock of sheep in a rocky cove by the sea.

Cyclops mod minecraft


A seaside demon who seduces sailors with charming songs before revealing her true form.

mermaid mod minecraft

Deadly worm

A voracious worm that burrows through the desert sand and devours everything it meets.

Deadly worm


A vile chicken-like creature that brings death upon its enemies with its piercing gaze.


Stymphalian bird

A ferocious raptor that swoops down on its prey and tears it apart with its bronze beak and sharp metal talons.

Stymphalian bird


A hideous brute who hides in caves and savagely bludgeons all intruders on his territory.



An insect living in underground nests and maintaining a very structured caste system.


Sea serpent

Sea Serpents are ferocious reptilian marine predators that terrorize the vast oceans and prey on the smallest creatures in sight.


The Hydra is a mini-boss, it is not tame, although it has the ability to regenerate its heads, and it is also poisonous. Using fire is the only way to defeat it, namely by using it once you cut off a head. Not only does it drop one or two fangs (which are used for arrows), but its heart is also recoverable.

ice and fire mod minecraft hydre 768x400 1

The Dread Queen

The Dread Queen is an ice boss wielding a powerful scepter and armor, while having an entire army and a dragon at her side. She will not appear naturally in the outside world, but in her own personal realm that is accessed through a portal.

Passive creatures

Cold Villager

A peaceful villager who lives in icy villages found in the snowy biomes of the world.
cold villager

cold weather villagers


A frivolous forest elf who likes to steal things from unsuspecting explorers.



An elegant sea beast that can be tamed and ridden, it is a fast and versatile mount.


Neutral creatures


A flying alpine predator that can be tamed and used as a sturdy flying war mount.

hippogriff mod minecraft


Amphithere ice and fire

Amphitheres are mystical feathered snakes that glide through the jungle and can be used as mounts. They are extremely fast.


Dragon Egg

To obtain a dragon egg, you must look for a female dragon at stage 4 or higher. They can be found sleeping in caves filled with treasures buried underground. Once you find one, kill it and it will drop a dragon egg of random color depending on the species. However, there is no way to tell the difference between a male and female dragon yet.

Using the Eggs

Dragon eggs hatch into baby dragons (stage 1) that are tame as soon as they hatch (as long as the player is near the egg), but cannot be ridden.

The player can increase the level of a dragon by feeding it. Once a dragon reaches stage 3, it becomes possible to mount it.

Hatching an egg

dragon egg hatching

Dragon eggs will hatch into a Stage 1 dragon of the same color. Fire and ice dragon eggs have different hatching conditions.

Fire dragon eggs (red, gray, emerald and bronze) must be placed in a fire for the hatching process to begin. Once the egg begins to move, it takes a few minutes to hatch.

Ice dragon eggs (blue, sapphire, white and silver) must be placed in water that can turn to ice. If the water around the egg freezes, it will hatch in a few minutes.

The bestiary


It is a guide to better understand the mod, you will find it in the chests and dens of the dragons.

The bestiary starts with one chapter: Introduction. The rest of the chapters can be unlocked individually by placing the bestiary and scrolls in a desk.

Dragon bone flute

dragon bone flute

The Dragon Bone Flute is an item that, when played, will cause a tamed dragon or hippogriff to stop flying and fall, provided that the person using it is the owner. It has a limited area of effect and can also be obtained by haggling with the villagers of the cold.

Dragon Command Staff

mod minecraft dragon ice fire flute os dragon 1

It is used to command your dragon to stay put or to set it free.

Dragon horn

Dragon horn

The dragon horn is used to store dragons.

Right click on your dragon with a dragon’s trunk in your hand and they will be stored inside, they can be recalled by holding down the right click.

Dragon Armor

Dragon armor is a special type of armor that can be equipped on a tamed dragon. There are three types of dragon armor: gold, iron and diamond.

different type of dragon armor

It is used to protect the dragon wearing it, reducing the damage taken depending on the material used. To equip the armor, first open the dragon’s inventory. Around the image of the dragon you will see four slots, each with its respective image/icon. Simply drag the piece of armor into the corresponding slot to equip it on that dragon.

Other additions

Dragon loot

loot mod minecraft

A dragon’s loot usually depends on the dragon’s stage. All dragons leave dragon bones and scales that match their color. You may also find a dragon skull or heart.

Instead of disappearing like normal Minecraft monsters, a dragon will fall to the ground when it dies. To loot the dragon’s body, right-click it repeatedly with an empty hand: items will fall out of it until the body turns into a skeleton, and finally disappears.

Dragon’s marker

dragon marker

Young dragons (stage 3 and 4) are found on perches on the surface. Usually these are old structures with charred floors and small treasure.

Adult dragons (stage 4 and 5) often hide in caves containing large gold, silver, emerald and diamond treasures. It is possible to find a nest that contains eggs.

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When the Ice and Fire mod is updated by its creator, we show you the latest additions below.

Ice and Fire 1.8 – 11/08/19

  • Remodeling the Fire Dragon
  • Remodeled Ice Dragon
  • Reworked dragon attacks
  • Reworked dragon flight behavior and appearance
  • Fire and ice dragons now less resource intensive and more visually appealing
  • Dragon caves are now larger and more interesting
  • New animations for dragons as well as redesigned old animations
  • Dragons can now engage in destructive “bombardment” against targets
  • Textured dragon armor
  • Regenerated dragon skull/skeleton
  • Lots of internal code rewriting
  • Remodeling of the sea serpent
  • We can now distinguish between males and females
  • Ice Dragon AI when swimming has been redesigned
  • Added Dragon Escort AI, a way for it to follow you while flying
  • Added dragon scale, sea serpent scale and dragon bone blocks for storage
  • Added dragon forge blocks, used to create the dragon forge multiblock structure
  • Added Dragon Forge, a multi-block structure used to create powerful metals forged in the breath of dragons
  • Decreased damage from dragons
  • Added dragon steel tools and armor
  • Added rare drops for many creatures, used in the making of legendary weapons
  • Added the following legendary weapons: Hippogryph Talon Sword, Pixie Wand, Cyclops Eye, Siren Flute, Hippocampus Slapper, Death Worm Gauntlet, Cockatrice Scepter, Stymphalian Bird Feather Bundle, Stymphalian Bird Dagger, Myrmex Swarm, Amphithere Macuahuitl. Each legendary weapon has special attributes, so be sure to check each one out.
  • Added chains for capturing hostile monsters and subduing wild dragons to feed your dragon forge
  • Added 13 new Ice and Fire related banner templates
  • Added crafting uses for charred/frozen blocks, turning them into charcoal/packed ice, respectively
  • Added a dragon meal in creative to instantly tame dragons
  • Added silver and dragon armor for dragons
  • Added sound for bestiary pages when turning them
  • Allows dragons to break lilypads
  • More damage from troll weapons
  • Improved Amphithere AI
  • Improved Pixie AI
  • New textures for frozen blocks
  • Textured dragon armor
  • Added general configuration option for blacklist/whitelist dimension IDs for generation
  • Added configuration for blacklisting dragon destruction blocks
  • Added configuration for disabling structures on flat worlds
  • Added option to configure the attack strength of the basic myrmex
  • Separate creation tab for elements and blocks
  • Added hopper support for pixie jars
  • Added support for ItemHandler functionality for all Ice and Fire inventory mosaic entities
  • Charred/frozen blocks made by Dragon’s Breath will now gradually return to their previous state
  • Reduced default amphither respawn rate
  • Dragons, amphitheaters and myrmex spin more slowly
  • Increased render distance for dragons from 64 blocks to 256
  • Added custom main menu
  • Added ice and fire progress
  • Added Mod support for JEI
  • Added Mod support for HWYLA
  • Added Mod support for TheOneProbe
  • Added Mod support for CraftTweaker
  • Added Mod support for Tinkers Construct, including 4 new tool materials and 2 new modifiers!
  • Russian translation updates
  • Updates to the French translation
  • Updates to the Japanese translation
  • Portuguese translation update
  • Balanced experience points for each mob
  • Fixed crash with phosphorus mod
  • Fixed particles appearing on server side and causing memory leaks
  • Fixed particles all disappear due to memory leak
  • Fixed configurations are not updated when changed in game
  • Fixed seahorse inventory
  • Fixed some desynchronization errors when driving dragons and hippogryphs
  • Many bugs fixed

Download the mod

Choose the version of Minecraft on which you play and download the mod. Please note that the latest versions of the mod have more content than the first ones :

This mod requires Minecraft Forge and Llibrary. Check out our article telling you how to install a Minecraft mod.


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