Minecraft developer teases us with terrifying new sounds for Minecraft 1.17

The 1.17 Minecraft update will not be available until the summer of 2021, but that doesn’t stop Minecraft developers from teasing us with some new features in advance. One such developer, known as Kingbdogz, recently shared a rather terrifying new sound that will arrive in Minecraft 1.17.

Kingbdogz, who was a mod developer before working for Mojang, explained that he wanted to reproduce the terror you feel on your first night in Minecraft. That desire led him to create the Deep Dark biome of Minecraft, a new type of cave where you’ll find one of the new creatures in Minecraft 1.17, the Warden.

Here’s the sound he shared on Twitter :

It is impossible to know for sure at this time where it comes from. It should be noted, however, that Kingbdogz was careful to mention that this is not the sound the Warden will make.

Sources : thegamer.com / front page picture

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