How to find diamonds in Minecraft ?

The diamond in Minecraft is certainly the element most sought after by players. Indeed, it is used in the creation of the most powerful items, armor and weapons in the game. Where can I find diamonds in Minecraft? You’ll have to dig deep, at the level of the bedrock (the most resistant block in the game).

Finding diamonds is difficult and requires at least an iron pickaxe. A bucket of water might be useful, as diamonds are often found close to lava.

In search of diamonds

During your mining sessions, you must remain attentive and try to locate the veins of diamond ore. These veins are very rare, since they represent 0.0846% of the blocks in the last levels of the map.

Two main mining techniques are used to find diamonds in Minecraft: “optimized” mining and random exploration of caves and other natural formations.

Cave exploration

The exploration of caves is much less monotonous and allows to discover beautiful creations of the generator of random worlds of Minecraft. However, you’ll spend more time fighting monsters, as the caves are located in dark areas that are prone to the proliferation of nasty bugs.

A lava lake often indicates the presence of diamonds nearby. Grab a bucket of water and explore the surrounding area.

The silly and nasty mining

Less fun, but certainly more efficient in terms of performance. You will use a maximum of picks and shovels to get to your goal, so prepare your inventory well. At the beginning of your game, the easiest way to get to layers 2 to 15 is to dig a staircase. Later on, you can use other means of quick access to these layers (minecart, hole + ladder).

Optimized mining generally consists in mining on 1×2 every two blocks and this in a perpendicular way until you find diamond.

Properly mine the diamond vein

The key word when finding diamonds: security! No panic, no rush. The diamond, once mined, will fall down because it is affected by gravity 😉 Therefore, it is necessary to mine all the blocks surrounding the coveted precious resource. The use of one or more buckets of water is recommended, since lava is often close to the diamond. Don’t forget to light the area to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Use your iron or diamond pickaxe. Each diamond block will give you a unique diamond unless you use a Fortune III enchantment to get up to 4 diamonds per block.

Once your diamonds are retrieved, run to put them in a safe place, away from creepers or other players if you are playing on a PVP server.

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