Minecraft Mine no Mi (One Piece) – Mod – 1.7.10 → 1.16.5

Mine Mine no Mi is a Minecraft mod inspired by the manga One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda. You will find everything that makes the originality of the manga retracing the adventures of the famous pirate Monkey D. Luffy and the crew of the Straw Hat. It won’t be easy, but you’ll be able to try to find the 43 different demon fruits and eat them in order to get the powers they offer. The mod also adds some monsters (Marines and Pirates) and structures (Ships and Temples) as well as basic weapons (like pistols and swords).

The characteristics of the mod

Demon fruits

  • Demon fruits are mystical fruits that can be obtained by exploring the world. When consumed, these fruits give the consumer superhuman powers – this power depends on the type of fruit itself.
  • All demon fruits are found in boxes, there are 3 types of boxes. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Levels 1 and 2 are found in small Marine or Pirate ships, while Level 3 is only found in large Marine ships. Overall, Level 1 contains the “weak” paramecia types, Level 2 the stronger paramecia, and Level 3 all logia and zoan types.
  • The fruits provide a total of 203 different abilities
The different fruits of the devil

Marine Granite or Kairōseki

  • Sea Granite is a commonly found mineral. It produces up to six ores per block, and if a demon fruit user holds it in their hand, they will not be able to use their powers.
  • It can be shaped into Kairoseki blocks, and Kairoseki bullets.
  • Firing a Kairoseki bullet at a demon fruit user will damage them, whether or not they are a logia.
  • Kairoseki is very similar to Busoshoku no Haki, in which items made with it hit logia users.

Using the mod

The mod is not easy to learn if you use it for the first time, please refer to our FAQ below to learn how to use the Mine Mine no Mi mod :

How to use / equip abilities ?
Press R (default) to open the stats interface, press the “Abilities” button, select the slot where you want to add an ability (a blue outline will appear), select an ability in the panel above, then exit the interface and press ALT to bring up the battle interface.

How do I find the demon fruits ?
Demon fruits are found inside structures like ships or bases, there is a small chance to get one of the three types of boxes (wooden, iron, gold). To open them, you need to make a key and click on the box with the right mouse button. The chances of getting a key are not always 100% and the higher level boxes contain more powerful fruits.

How can I increase my Cola level as a Cyborg ?
You have to use the Cola backpack, or drink Ultra Cola.

How can I increase my Douriki level ?
By beating monsters. All hostile monsters, even those from other mods, give you douriki. (Or by using the command /doriki)



🔨 This mod requires Minecraft Forge.

✅ Source : Mine Mine no Mi – Curseforge / Official Website

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