Wither Storm – Minecraft Mod – 1.16.5 → 1.20.1

Discover Cracker’s Wither Storm mod, a stunning addition to the Minecraft universe that promises a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Inspired by Minecraft : Story Mode, this Minecraft mod is designed to offer a survival challenge where players must defeat the Wither Storm while running, hiding and preparing as they go.

Mod features

The Wither Storm, added by this mod, is a powerful creature that grows and evolves by absorbing its environment. It can follow the nearest player, wherever he may be, and can sometimes chase him. The Wither Storm can charge blocks of land, which can be entire trees or even villager’s houses, and can absorb almost anything, including mobs.

wither storm phase 3

The Wither Storm goes through several phases of evolution, each more powerful and destructive than the last. It begins as a normal Wither with a control unit in its rib cage, then gradually transforms into a massive creature with several heads and tentacles. With each phase, the Wither Storm gains new abilities, such as the ability to shoot flaming Wither skulls, suck up mobs with a tractor beam, and cause Wither disease in players.

The mod also includes new tools and weapons, multiplayer compatibility and Wither’s Disease. In addition, it offers customization via an integrated configuration menu.

wither storm plays dead

In addition to Wither Storm itself, the mod also adds new “Withered” equipment and weapons, which are essential for defeating Wither Storm. These items can be obtained by collecting materials left behind by Wither Storm as it absorbs blocks and mobs.

Finally, the mod adds a new structure called a “shrine”, which serves as a spawn point for the Wither Storm. Once players enter the vicinity of the shrine, the Wither Storm begins to destroy everything around it.

Operation and commands

To summon the Wither Storm, locate the ruined house at X: 0, Z: 0, and place the last Wither skull on the incomplete Wither-like structure. To start playing in survival mode, we recommend you consult the guide supplied with the mod.

If you’re having problems with the Wither Storm never evolving and/or you can’t see it on single-player worlds and you’re using OptiFine, make sure that “Smooth World” under “Performance” in “Video Settings” is deactivated.


Discover the Wither Storm mod in video.


To install Cracker’s Wither Storm mod, you first need to install Minecraft Forge. Find out how to install a Minecraft mod.

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