Piercing – Minecraft Enchantment

Piercing is a Minecraft enchantment that allows an arrow fired from a crossbow to pierce multiple entities.

Piercing Minecraft enchantment
Piercing Minecraft

Using the Piercing enchantment in Minecraft

Arrows fired from a crossbow enchanted with Piercing can pass through a number of entities equal to the level of the enchantment (for a total of level + 1 damaged entities). Fired arrows can always be recovered after piercing a creature, allowing for infinite use of all types of arrows, including spectral arrows and spiked arrows. Piercing ignores shields, even if they block.

Piercing has no effect on fireworks fired from a crossbow.

Incompatibilities of enchantment piercing

In Minecraft, the Piercing enchantment cannot be combined with the following enchantment: Multishot.

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